Is Your Business Growing As Fast As Your City?

Does Ahmedabad need the nickname ‘The Manchester of India’ any longer? Because apart from this rightful claim, it’s also a city that has the potential to grow further and further. Ahmedabad is a city located in the Gujarat. This city is a major center for textile manufacturing and trading and hence known as ‘Manchester of East.’ This city is the cultural and economic heart of Gujarat.
Ahmedabad Is Business Friendly
After India’s economic liberalization in 1990, Gujarat’s economy has expanded by more than 12% every year. Ahmedabad is the economic capital of Gujarat. The mega-city has grown beyond recognition in the last decade. The welcoming attitude of the current government towards businesses has led to increased investment and economic development in the state. These improvements have led to the creation of some new jobs in Ahmedabad.
Ahmedabad is gaining economic importance these days due to the Rapidly growing infrastructure. Gujarat has also succeeded in projecting an image of business-friendliness, and numerous Indian, as well as foreign companies, have set up their operations in Ahmedabad Gujarat.
Ahmedabad enjoys a thriving and diverse economy. The GDP of the city was estimated at 119 billion US dollars some years back which is rather good for a growing city. It was ranked among the four most economically prosperous cities in India.
The city has Rapidly grown in infrastructure
The city is home to some of the largest companies in the automotive, computer and pharmaceutical industries.
A large number of infrastructure, industrial and IT projects that Ahmedabad bagged have increased the demands for skilled professionals as well as skilled laborers. Hundreds of thousands of new jobs in Ahmedabad have come up as a result, and this has changed the impression of the city in the eyes of Indian professionals. Ahmedabad is one of the leading suppliers of jeans and the leading exporter of gemstones and jewelry. The city also benefits from a very progressive educational sector that attracts young students and professionals from the rest of the country.
With only 5% of the Indian population, Gujarat produces 16% of the industrial production. Gujarat has averaged 9% annual growth over the past three years and Ahmedabad is the major contributor.
Hundreds of thousands of jobs in Ahmedabad have been created after companies invested billions in the city. Well-publicized coup, many International companies have established their branches in the city, and many are planning to do the same.

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